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New Life concept with seedling growing s

Soil regeneration and restorative farming 

Improve the quality of your soil to ensure a better quality production, respectful of nature and the health of your consumers. 
Our expertise will enable you to naturally improve the health balance of your plants and cattle, regenerate your soil and cut down your fuel, fertilizers and pesticides costs.

Farmers are the first and most expose to the chemicals they use.  Getting away of their immediate and coming impact on your body is crucial to your health

Promoting an agriculture that truly respects the Earth, life and our future

Soil assessment by screening bio-indicator plants

Plants and their environments are in constant interaction. Thus, the spontaneous appearance or disappearance of particular species in crops or meadows is a revelation of the state of the soil.

Thus, weed plants are indicators of the evolution of the soil and allow the prediction of its dysfunctions before their irremediable establishment.

  • Exhaustive inventory of the flora by homogeneous plot

  • Species identification

  • Assessment of the bio-indicator character of these species by evaluation of the rate of soil cover

  • Soil potential analysis

  • Advice for the improvement of fertilization and for the orientation of cultivation practices

  • Comprehensive reporting

Soil micro-fauna counting

Counting the wildlife present in an agricultural soil or compost allows you to estimate their biological health as well as the impact of your farming practices on soil wildlife.

Soil Regeneration

We advise you on the most efficient methods to regenerate your soils as safely and quickly as possible.

Business strategy analysis and counseling 

We help you change your agricultural model of production to allow you a sustainable business development plan.

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